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No. No.

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Unfortunately, I haven't, either.

Bio - Za Bio - Za

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I ain't readin' all that shit, Bertn! Time for a good ol' fashioned blammin... oh, that's right. It's Clock Day, so, as a Supporter, I legally cannot give anything less than five stars today. You, sir, are a crafty one. I bet you knew that. I bet you knew that all along! *wags a finger* I'll get you next time, Bertn! Next time.

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Bertn1991 responds:

Consider yourself thwarted Dr Claw. Although this alleged "next time" has me thoroughly scaredened.


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Won't he be penalized for not dribbling the ball with only his feet, or is that Tennis?

workshop poster workshop poster

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This is so darn cute.

LoredanaTattoo responds:

Hahaha thanks !!

danielcuervocomics N. 96 danielcuervocomics N. 96

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Man, I used to enjoy that all the time back in college. My favorite flavor was WoW... so good.

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Goat Goat

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

What a magnificent specimen of goat head! I especially like the... wait, you also did a cat doodle? Why haven't you uploaded that adorable, little furball yet? I'm sure the little furball will look great alongside this goat and that dog you posted earlier.

Gussie Gussie

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I've seen fabulouser dragons.

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Bertn1991 responds:


Hannah the fairy Hannah the fairy

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A significant improvement over the seven-year-old original, and that's a rather peculiar pose. Any reason for her doing what looks like a crab walk?

Starscream Starscream

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He's suppose to be a treacherous, cowardly opportunist... so how'd you manage to make Starscream look so dignified and inspirational?

J-Caro responds:

I guess this rat has a special place in our hearts anyway xD Thanks!!

Robot Masters (Megaman 1) Robot Masters (Megaman 1)

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The best robot masters have always been Light's robot masters... except Ice Man. Ice Man sucks. Chill Penguin is similar to Ice Man. Chill Penguin sucks.

This is wonderful. Thank you for drawing five of the best masters from the series (and Ice Man).

IkaroTsubasa responds:

Thanks a lot!

And I don't feel like Ice Man and Chill Penguin suck, I guess their designs are okay and their mechanics are kinda challenging (Ice Man being more challenging than Penguin, of course).